ATM Equipment Management

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The ATM Equipment Management screen displays information about a single piece of equipment organised into tabbed sections described bellow.

Dashboard Tab

The Dashboard Tab displays health, uncleared alarms, actions, session log and sessions graph.


A. Menu with shortcuts available here
B. Health diagram
C. Hints
D. Uncleared Alarms
When alarms have been triggered, they will be shown in the alarms section. They may be cleared by clicking on the clear icons.
E. Actions
F. Session Log
Summary of sessions (Two weeks of data available). Click on status icon to see more information.
G. Sessions Graph

Settings Tab


A. Menu with shortcuts available here
B. Info
Some fields are editable. Click to edit. Press enter or click outside to save.
C. Settings
D. Diagnostics
Displays connectivity and diagnostic information about the DPL device.

Reports Tab

Contains links to reports filtered on the current equipment.