AMS Equipment Report

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The equipment report lists all accessible equipment in your fleet, displays basic information and allows to jump to further management and configuration screens for you equipment. It is accessible through the "Equipment" tab on the left menu. There are three configurations with differing visible columns labeled "Equipment", "Locations and Status" and "Full Details". By default "Equipment" hides the most columns and "Full Details" show everything but each can be customized on a per user basis.


A. Expandable Menu
Contains exporting and bookmarking functionality.
B. Search Box
The go button refreshes the page.
C. Active Filters
Along with the search string, these filters reduces the set of equipment shown and can be set by clicking on D.
D. Advanced Filters
See Advanced Filtering.
The check boxes (L) allow a selection of equipment to be mapped (E) or sent to the block function page for batch processing (F). Filtering can further be refined to the selected check boxes by clicking on Apply Filter (G).
H. Choose Columns
Select columns visible on the current report (these settings are automatically saved on a per user and per report type basis). Only visible columns get exported.
J,K. Sort triangles
Clicking on these arrows changes the sorting order.
M. Map Icon
Opens the map for a specific device.
N. Configuration Icon
Opens advanced configuration for a specific device.
O. Filter By Machine Type

Clicking on a row in this report opens the dashboard for a specific device.