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A. Fleet Health Diagram
The health of the account's whole network (fleet) of ATMs connected is shown. A circle on a part of fleet is like a "pie chart" showing how many of that part of the network are affected. Touch any icon for more information.
eg. In this network of ATMs:
  • 10% of the ATMs are in critical health and 20% have health issues of low importance.
  • 5% of the connection between ATMs and Hercules devices are in unknown health and 95% are in good health.
  • 13% of the Hercules have health issues of high importance and 87% have good health.
  • 100% of the DPL data centers, the connection between Hercules and DPL, the connection between DPL and Processors are good in health.
  • 8% of the Processors have health issues of medium importance and 92% are good in health.
B. Overall Health Issues
NormalHealthIcon.png Normal
CriticalHealthIcon.png Critical eg. processor offline, hercules critical error
HighHealthIcon.png High
MediumHealthIcon.png Medium eg. low signal strength, temporary datacenter issue, no recent network activity
LowHealthIcon.png Low eg. temporary commmunication issue
IdleHealthIcon.png Idle eg. 7 days since last transaction or network activity
SuspendedHealthIcon.png Suspended eg. hercules on standby (DPL plan suspended)
UnknownHealthIcon.png Unknown
DisabledHealthIcon.png Disable eg. hercules not activated
C. Processor Health
D. Reports
See ATM Equipment Report.
E. Alarms
F. Clear All Alarms
G. Clear Alarm
H. Open Alarm History